Newton North Science Team

The Newton North Science Team is a prestigious academic team that participates in science and technology competitions. It is based at Newton North High School in Newtonville, Massachusetts.


The Newton North Science Team competes in the following competitions:

2011-2012 Competition Information

Competition Date Approximate Time Location
October WSSL TBA 2pm-6pm Acton-Boxborough HS
November WSSL TBA 2pm-6pm Chelmsford HS
Women of Science TBA 7am-3pm Bedford HS
December WSSL TBA 2pm-6pm Bedford HS
January WSSL TBA 2pm-6pm Lowell HS
Ocean Bowl TBA 7am-6pm MIT
February WSSL TBA 2pm-6pm Burlington HS
Science Bowl TBA 7am-6pm UMass Lowell
Science Olympiad TBA 7am-6pm Framingham State College
Envirothon TBA 7am-6pm Uxbridge
JETS TBA no details no details
MIT Trivia TBA 5pm-9:30pm MIT

The Newton North Science Team is considering competing or has competed before in the following competitions/events:

For Parents

GoogleDoc to Volunteer to Drive
Volunteer Driver Information Form
Permission Slip to Allow Your Child to Attend a Competition
Consent Form for Volunteer Driver/Chaperone

Mentors, Presidents, and Officers

2012-2013 Coaches/Mentors

Team Coach/Advisor: Ms Winston (email||notsniw_yma)
WSSL: Ms. Winston
Women of Science: Ms. Purdy
Ocean Bowl and Envirothon: Ms. Dannenberg
Science Bowl: Mr. Hamel
Science Olympiad: Ms. Osipenko
JETS: Ms. Jose

2013-2014 Officers

Officers are elected for the next year at the end of each school year. Any person who has competed in a competition may vote or run for a position. The current team president is responsible for conducting the elections. The addition and subtraction of officer positions may be voted on if necessary. To win, a candidate must have the majority of the votes. If a majority is not achieved, the current President will conduct a second round of elections for the position which is limited to the top candidates (the president must decide what percentage of the vote is necessary for a candidate to proceed to the next round) from the last election. This is repeated until one candidate achieves a majority.

President: Ying Gao
Vice President: Yongyi Zhao
Buildaheads Captain: Yongyi Zhao
Science Olympiad: Kavish Gandhi
WSSL Captain: Amy Huang/Bowen He
Ocean Bowl Captain: Ying Gao
Science Bowl Captain: Gina Ferolito
JETS Captain: Kavish Gandhi
Envirothon Captain: Malini Gandhi
Women of Science: Maria Trias
M.I.T. Trivia: Bill Shen

Team Directory

Contains numbers and e-mails of current members, former members up to a certain point, former coaches/mentors, and parents.

Team Directory


The team meets after school on Tuesdays in Rm. 425. These meetings are generally short and attendance is encouraged, but not mandatory.

Meetings for specific competitions generally take place in team members houses. The time, frequency, and location of these varies. Contact the officer in charge of the competition to find out when that competition's meetings are.

In general however…

Fees and Account Management

Members who participate in one competition and one competition only must pay a $30 fee. Members who participate in more than one competition must pay a $65 fee. Checks should be made out to The City of Newton. This is to pay for the contest entry fees and materials. People who are unable to pay this for any reason should talk to Amy Winston. It should be noted, that these fees will not cover all of the team's costs, so fund raising will still be necessary.


The vast majority of the Science Team trophies are stored in the Science Department office.


The Science Team owns a large library of books relating to the competitions and science in general which team members may borrow from. See the Library page for a list of books. The library is now located in Rm. 460.

The Science Team also owns tools and building supplies. Contact the buildaheads captain for details.

The Science Team has a bank account which is managed by the school. Talk to Ms.Winston or the team officers for information on this.

A Youtube account (NNHSSciTeam) has been created for Science Team use. It is encouraged that you enter related videos using this account, so feel free to do so. Enter here for the password.

The old, now dysfunctional, Science Team email list and archives can be found here: NNHS Science Team Mailing List (Note: A login is required to access this.)

In The News

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Apr. 2008 Newton Tab Article - "Newton North Science Team heads to National Olympiad"
May 2008 Daytime Article- "NNHS's Science Team takes 1st place in Science Olympiad"



General Advice

2013 Fundraising Advice
2010 President Jen Liu's Advice
2009 President Nathaniel Gilbert's Advice
2007 President Gabe Bronk's Advice
2006 Secretary Rich Ellis's Advice
2005 President Anne Xu's Advice

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How to Join/No Idea Where to Start?

The Science Team has no official membership list or requirements to join. To be considered a member of the Science Team, all you have to do is join the mailing list and participate in at least one competition. You can join the mailing list here: Newton North Science Team Google Group Please inform Ms. Winston or the Team President if you plan to join. You may participate in as few or as many competitions as you want to. You should talk to the officers in charge of the events you are interested in to find out how you can participate. Science Team members are expected to contribute to the team fundraising and administrative tasks.

The best competitions for new members are WSSL and JETS. Contact the officers in charge of the events for more information.

Building Advice and Information

This area is under construction…

Building Practices

Science Team Search

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