2007 WSSl Captain Justin Song's Description Of WSSl

In 2007, the first year NNHS competed in WSSL, Justin Song, the WSSL captain, emailed the following to the rest of the team.

"For those of you who do not know what this competition is, just know that it is similar to Science Olympiad in terms of the events. The WSSL will feature events that are either hands on or study aheads.There will be teams of four people per event. A study ahead event requires that you study a certain subject well before the time of the event so that you can use your knowledge to answer questions in the competition (for example if you sign up to do an event called cell bio, you will have study cell bio). Unlike Science Bowl or Ocean Bowl, this will not involve anything that needs quick reactions times, like buzzing. Most likely you will told to identify objects and answer questions on some sort of packet. In a hands on event, you have to make something at the competition that must complete an objective. For example in Freshman/Sophomore mystery architecture, you will have to make a structure that will raise a golf ball as high as possible by using some paper, paper clips and straws. Unlike Science Olympiad, there seems to be no events that want you to build something before the event (called build aheads).

Another thing I need to mention is that we can send in an A team and B team for each event in any meet. For each event that means that we can have eight people compete.There will three events in every meet, which means that we can send a total 24 people for each meet. Note that only A team gets to score points for out school, although both teams do the same things in the competition.

For people who are planning to do Science Olympaid, I would advise you participate in this competition. Since the events are similar to the ones that are done in Science Olympiad, including the subjects that need to be learned/ studied, it can be good practice to do an event in WSSl that is similar to an Olympiad event that you are interested in."

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