The Science Team currently has the following official apparel:

  • 2010 Shirts
    • These are black v-necks and have an orange "N2" on the front.
  • 2009 Shirts
    • These are black and have an orange flaming tiger on the front and the words, "Newton North Science Team" and "Naturally Selected and Intelligently Designed" on the back in orange. The design can be seen here.
  • The NNHS Science Department shirts.
    • These are orange and have a black paw print and the words, "NNHS Science" on the front and "Naturally Selected and Intelligently Designed" on the back.
    • These shirts were worn at Science Olympiad Nationals both in 2007 and 2008.
  • Tie-dye shirts.
    • These have a tribal tiger head ( on the front and say "Learning Sustains the Human Spirit" and "TigerScience"
    • These shirts were created for and worn at the 2008 National Science Olympiad.
  • 2008 Shirts.
    • These orange shirts have the team logo, created by Alec Stanton, ( on the front and the words "National Science Olympiad Massachusetts State Champions Back-to-Back 2007 and 2008" along with the logos of the team sponsors.
    • These shirts were created for and worn at the 2008 Nationals.
  • Windbreakers.
    • These are black and say "Newton North Science Team" on the back in white writing.
  • Varsity Letters.
    • The Science Team has varsity letters which have been officially sanctioned by the school's athletics department (they are not, however, equivalent to those awarded for sports). Letters are awarded for each four competitions a team member competes in. Competition credit is accumulated, so the four competitions do not have to be during the same year. Team members may receive multiple letters. The letters are orange "N2"s.
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