"The Envirothon is America's leading natural resource education program for high school students. Teams comprised of five students represent their school or organization in a statewide competition testing their knowledge of: aquatics, forestry, soils, wildlife, and current environmental issues.

The Massachusetts Envirothon stresses the interdependence of various natural resources within the environment, emphasizes hands-on, team-oriented problem solving and community involvement. There are opportunities throughout the year to receive resource materials for use in the classroom, to attend workshops geared to both teachers and students, and catch to environmental professionals in action."

Taken from the MA Envirothon Website: http://www.maenvirothon.org/


Nikolai Klebanov is the captain of the Envirothon.
Ms. Dannenberg and Dr. Gibson help out with the team.


2008 (Remi Torracinta, Bonny Guang, Aleksey Generozov, Nikolai Klebanov, Tianchi Tu, Elena Koukina as alternate):

We studied quite a bit but still didn't do too well.

  • Forestry
    • It is crucial to go to the arboretum and collect samples to study with when you get back, as many of the samples in the box are not fresh, so it's hard to identify buds by color, for example.
    • Forestry, though 3/5 people had studied it thoroughly, was too long, and we weren't able to finish everything. It's probably a good idea to have at least 4/5 people study it so that everything can be done in time.
  • Wildlife
    • Collectively the team thought this was the hardest event.
    • It's a good idea to be familiar with identification, but all the books and other things you need are made available while you take the test.
    • The aim is basically to be able to identify as much as possible as quickly as possible.
    • Everyone (5/5 people) should look over the material.
  • Aquatics
    • It's important to have all the knowledge needed, but you also need to get as much done as possible.
    • 2/5 people concentrating on the event should be enough. One person is not enough to finish the test.
  • Soils
    • Went well, but not fantastic. Bonny Guang was the sole person studying this event. It seemed like enough people, as we finished with time to spare.
    • Since you'll probably finish with extra time, take it.
    • Dig holes. In 2007 the team dug one hole and ended up first, so you probably don't need more than one. In 2008 no one dug holes. *cough*
  • Presentation
    • Practice, practice, practice. This is where our team fell apart. You must be extremely comfortable with the material, such that you don't need to read off of anything, except maybe index cards. Interact with the audience as much as possible, like any presentation. It's not important that everyone does the research and makes the presentation, but it is important that everyone understands. Make a poster, containing everything you intend to show to the audience. Graphic is good. We just used a series of big maps and pictures, but everything was scattered about so it didn't work out well. Make it clean, and be ready to present one minute after you start preparing. (We lost significant points taking immense amount of time setting everything up. Finally, make sure to introduce your selves.
  • General Advice
    • With the exception of soils, you must divide and conquer. Especially in forestry. Split up the pages, (you're allowed to rip through the staples), and everyone needs to run around answering as much as possible.
    • Everyone will have to study more than one subject for sure. Ideally, two people will focus on wildlife and forestry, two more people will tackle three subjects, (i.e. aquatics-forestry-wildlife or soils-forestry-wildlife) and one person will tackle any remaining holes. (i.e. aquatics-wildlife or soils-wildlife)
    • Remember to take practice tests online and from Dr. G's room.


  • 2007: 4th overall out of 47, 1st in Soils
  • 2008: 5th in Aquatics


MA Envirothon Website

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