Fundraising Advice

Gloria Li
2012-2013 Science Team President

Tips for Fundraising and Material Donations to Assist Your Science Olympiad Team

1. Corporations and Local Businesses may have grants that are available for supporting your team, providing transportation costs, or buying supplies for your team. Check their offices and websites for information and applications.
2. Businesses and/or local professionals may be willing to supply the shirts for your team in exchange for putting their logo on the sleeve of the shirts.
3. Doctors and dentists often receive free models and charts from drug companies. They may be willing to give them to your team.
4. Hardware stores and building supply companies may be willing to donate materials needed for construction events.
5. Hospitals, Community Colleges, businesses with labs, and local trade schools may be willing to donate textbooks and equipment they no longer need.
6. Local restaurants and fast food restaurants may be willing to supply free food for your practice sessions.
7. Professional agencies are a good resource for expertise in preparing your students for particular events.
8. Your community may have groups of folks such as amateur astronomers, rock hounds, model airplane clubs, etc. who can help with rock collections or event preparations.
9. Business owners, professional individuals, and local service clubs may be willing to help sponsor your team or provide donations for supplies, equipment, travel,
or other expenses.
10. Your school may want to consider forming an academic boosters club to help finance academic competitions. It can be modeled after the athletic boosters or band boosters.

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