Kavish Gandhi

Newton North High School Science Team JETs Captain Kavish Gandhi

Description: Kavish is a junior member of the science team, the co-captain of the Science Olympiad team, the captain of the JETS engineering team for the 2013-2014. This team won first place in the Massachusetts State competition in 2012 and 2nd place in 2013, placing 6th nationally. Kavish was also a member of the state-winning Envirothon 2012 team that went to Nationals and scored 13th place out of 54, along with the 2013 state-winning team that went to Nationals and placed 2nd out of 55. His major interests include math, physics, wry humor, reading, history, Spanish, philosophizing, and talking about just about anything. He was a member of the state-winning 2012 GBML math team at Newton North and also participates in a Creative Writing Club and a Book Club at Newton North High School.

Events: JETS, Envirothon, WSSL, Science Olympiad, MIT Trivia

Email: moc.liamg|ihdnagrbmk#moc.liamg|ihdnagrbmk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kavish.gandhi

Miscellaneous: Kavish is an avid fan of math, science, and computers — feel free to send him any questions you have about these subjects or just things you want to discuss relating to these subjects or anything else of interest to you, as he checks email frequently.

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