The Science Team owns the following books. If a book is crossed out, someone has it checked out right now. Their name may possibly be next to the book. Contact that person if you require that particular book.


Chemistry of Plastics Summer School Black Binder
Qualitative Analysis and Electrolytic Solutions
Physiological Chemistry
University Chemistry (PENG)
Modern Methods of Chemical Analysis
Experiments in Physical Chemistry
Phosphorus and Its Compounds Volume II
The Proton In Chemistry
Understanding Physical Chemistry
Chemistry: The Pathways in Science
Experiments in Qualitative Analysis
Laboratory Experiments for Physics and Chemistry
Junior Science Projects
Barron's SAT II Chemistry
Princeton Review SAT II Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Morrison and Boyd: Organic Chemistry
Study Guide for Morrison and Boyd: Organic Chemistry
Macroscale and Microscale Organic Experiments
Functional Groups in Organic Compounds

Health Science

Applied Pharmacology
Medical Microbiology
The Human Brain: an Introduction to Functional Anatomy
Food and Nutrition
Study Guide for Nutrition and Physical Fitness
Instructor's Manuel to Accompany Nutrition and Physical Fitness
Exercise Physiology: Energy, Nutrition, and Human Performance
Living Nutrition
Nutrition in Health & Disease
Fundamentals of Nutrition
Nutrition and Physical Fitness
Essentials of Food Science (BONNY)
Food Chemistry (BONNY)
Food Science and Nutritional Health (ALEX)
Mental and Elemental Nutrients
Handbook of Pharmacology
Diseases of the Eye Booklet
Reb "Lipids in Brief" Booklet
Blue "Lipids in Brief" Booklet
The Prevention Of Alcoholism Through Nutrition
Communicable Disease Control
The Cobra Event

Math/Statistics/Computer Science/Other

Algebra For College Students
College Algebra
The Lore of Large Numbers
Elementary Statistics
Principles of Biostatistics
Webster's Dictionary of Computer Terms (8th edition)
Webster's Dictionary of Computer Terms (5th Edition)
Microsoft Press Computer Dictionary (PENG)
The Art of Electronics (PENG)
Building Musical Instruments (CHAO)
Cambridge on the Cutting Edge: Innovators and Inventions (ALEX)


(ask Mr. Martenis for his binder in the fall)
The Book of the Universe
The Quest for Comets
An Introduction To Astronomy
Astronomy Today
Green Astronomy Study Ahead Binder
Black Astronomy Study Ahead Binder


Biology (Campbell/Reece Seventh Edition)
Biology (Arms/Camp Fourth Edition)
Asking About Life
Study Guide for Biological Science
Study Guide for Biology (Miller/Levine)
Vertebrate Biology
Biology (Forseman)
High School Biology
Study Guide for High School Biology
Exploring Biology
Principles of Genetics
Know Your Genes
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat
The Lives of a Cell
Barron's SAT II Biology
Barron's AP Biology (DONG)


Human Biochemistry
Concepts in Biochemistry
Outlines of Biochemistry
An Introduction To Human Biochemistry
Short Course in Biochemistry
Physical Biochemistry

Earth Science

Living in the Environment
Physical Geography
Physical Geology
Ready Notes for Physical Geology 1
Ready Notes for Physical Geology 2
Earth Science
Dynamic Earth (BONNY)
Modern Earth Science
Earth Science: Geology, the Environment, and the Universe
Geology: The Paradox of Earth and Man
The Facts on File Dictionary of Weather and Climate
The Peterson Field Guide: Insects


Ocean Sciences (CHAO)
Oceanography (Tom Garrison)
Marine Biology
Magazines: two OceanConservancy, one Audubon, seven blueplante
Song of the Blue Ocean (ALEKSEY)
Ocean Life (ALEKSEY)
Oceanus (ALEKSEY)
Marine Technology Society (ALEKSEY)

General Science

Science Desk Reference
Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia
Gabe's Five Star Science Binder (ISAAC)


Four Envirothon Study Packets
A Few Folders
Roadside Ecology of Massachusetts
Tracking and the Art of Seeing
Reading the Forested Landscape
Fruit Key & Twig Key
National Audubon Society Field Guide to New England
National Audubon Society Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals
Blue Binder: Trees of New England
Coming Soon: Envirothon Box with Tree Samples


Biology-Earth Science
Problem Solving Technology
Experimental Design
Remote Sensing

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