Mousetrap Vehicle

The basic idea of this event is to make a vehicle that is powered by mousetraps go forwards for at least 7 meters, then stop before going 8 meters, and come backwards and stop as close as possible to the center of the starting line. You get penalized for each centimeter away from the target you end up, and for going to far on the way out, and for each second you take before coming to a stop. you also get bonus points for staying within the 1.5 meter wide lane they give you tor run in, but failing to stay within 1.5 meters would probably mean that you do not come very close to the target. The three main challenges of this event are:
1) to make the car go far enough
2) to make the car turn around
3) to make the car stop on a dime. (the closer to the target you are, the shinier your medal will be)

MR. Anderson's honors physics classes do a mousetrap vehicle competition if you need any advice on the basic principles, but their event is not nearly as complex as ours. Much more detail is provided in the restricted access part of the site.

Good luck

-Daniel Barter

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