Ocean Bowl

The Ocean Bowl is a competition in almost the same format as the Science Bowl, but with only questions pertaining to oceans and marine life. The Ocean Bowl also includes a team question similar to a test that team members work on at the end of the first round. Like Science Bowl, Ocean Bowl works with a "single-elimination" system at the regionals level.

The current captain is Ying Gao.

OCEAN BOWL TEAM 2011-2012 
A-Team, B-Team, and C-Team
Back row (from left to right): Brian, Evan, Jacob, Felix, Gina, Karen, Eloise, Julia, Natsuko
Front row: Daniel, Shane, Cole, Andrew, Ying


A Team
Cole (captain): Biology + a lot of everything else aside from marine pol. (there goes the horn… toot toooot!)
Andrew: Geology, Bio, Chem, Geography + some ocean-related astro
Ying: Bio, Ships, Soc sci, Geography, Geology
Daniel: Soc Sci, phys, some marine pol
Shane: Techno, Physical

B Team
Natsuko (captain): Marine pol, some bio, geology, techno
Gina: Geography, geology (sediments and benthic stuff), ocean ions
Julia: Some marine pol., Bio, Soc sci
Karen: Bio, geology, some techno
Eloise: Bio, physical, geology

C Team
Jacob (captain): Bio, soc sci, geol, some geog, chem
Felix: A lot of trivia, bio, soc sci., techno, chem
Evan: Techno, some marine pol., phys
Brian: Geol, geog, soc sci

A-Team and B-Team


A Team
From left to right: Dong, Ethan, Chao, and Austin.


B Team
From left to right: Nathaniel, Nikolai, Bonny, and Peng.


A Team
Dong: Humans Physical
Austin: Geology Bio Invertebrates
Aleksey: All of Marine Bio
Chao: Physical Humans
Ethan: Bio Vertebrates Geology

B Team
Ben: All of Marine Bio
Nathaniel: Bio Invertebrates Humans
Marc: Humans Geology
Dong-Gil: Geology Physical
Nikolai: Physical Bio Vertebrates

Note: Dong-Gil and Marc did not participate at Ocean bowl in 2008. Peng and Bonny competed in their stead


The Ocean Bowl was was first conducted in winter/spring 1998

Competitors to Beat

  • Lincoln-Sudbury (National champs as of 2008) ["Done." -CK, '12]
  • Lexington (Regional champs 2009!!!!)


  • Chemistry, Physical, Marine Bio, Technology, Geography, Social Sciences, Geology
  • In 2008 a new category called Marine Policy was added
  • Matches have 14 tossup/bonus pairs and consist two 6 minute halves with a 2 minute break in between


  • Ocean Bowl includes a written team question called a team challenge question on which both teams can earn points (up to a total of 20). Teams are allowed 2-5 minutes to work depending on the question. Each round includes two team challenge questions, which are given at half time. Team Challenge questions can be about any of the categories above.

NOSB Finals

  • In 2009 nationals for NOSB will be held in Washington DC


  • At regionals there are a number of prizes for 1st-8th place. Some of the prizes that have been offered in the past are: Tours of the MIT sea labs; Cash prizes of $300 and $500 for the science team (3rd and 2nd place respectively); Behind the scenes tours of the New England Aquarium; Passes to the New Bedford whaling museum .
  • In addition there is a spirit award for a competition buzzer system at regionals
  • The winning team at regionals get an all expenses paid trip to nationals, which is held in a different place every year.
  • The top two teams at Nationals get an all expenses paid trip to Costa Rica. Other prize trips are available as well

Notorious Events

  • In 2007 NNHS was defeated by Lexington in the semifinals due to a controversial decision over the validity of NNHS's answers on the team question. When time was called on the team question, Arthur Su was still working on a question. Ken Zhao reprimanded Arthur and crossed the answer Arthur had written, but the Lexington team noticed and challenged them for breaking the rules. The matter was taken to the Ocean Bowl organizer, Marla, who first announced that Ken had "done a noble thing" by reprimanding Arthur, but then decided that NNHS would lose all of its points in the team question. This blow caused the NNHS team to lose to Lexington (they had been winning before) by a margin smaller than the points lost on that team question, and left NNHS in third place.


  • 2007: 3rd place at States
  • 2008: 3rd place at States
  • 2009: The less said the better
  • 2010: 3rd place at States
  • 2011: 4th place at States
  • 2012: 2nd place at States

National Ocean Bowl Website
Woods Hole Website
Tree of Life
NOAA website
Amercican Cetacean Society Website
Blue Lobster Bowl Website

Useful Books

  • Ocean (Fabien Cousteau/Robert Dinwiddle)
  • Animals Without a Backbone (Ralph Buchsbaum)
  • Marine Science (Thomas F Greene)
  • Oceans:An Invitation to Marine Science (Tom S Garrison)
  • Fundamentals of Oceanography (Sverdrup and Duxbury)

Picture is of members of the 2008 team doing some last minute studying at the competition. From left to right: Aleksey, Nathaniel, and Bonny.

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