Western Suburban Science League

The current captain is Zachary Rosenof.

The Western Suburban Science League (WSSL) is a competition open to teams from schools in Eastern Massachusetts. The contest is similar to Science Olympiad in format, but is more informal and takes place once a month from October to February. The meets are hosted by the competing schools. Typically there are three or four events based on Science Olympiad events or trial events at each meet. The team with the highest overall score wins the season. The league coordinator is Michael Griffin.

The Newton North Science Team generally recommends that people new to the team participate in WSSL because it requires the smallest time commitment, is low key, and has the most slots available.

2007 WSSl Captain Justin Song's Description Of WSSl

2010 Schedule, Events and Rankings

Current Standings

October 8 - Chelmsford (Results)
November 12- Concord-Carlisle
December 10 - Newton-South
  • Elevated Bridge or Physics
  • Fermi
  • Remote Sensing
  • Oceanography


January 14 - Lowell
  • Dynamic Planet
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Trajectory
  • Environmental Chemistry
February 11 - Medfield
  • Mystery Chem
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Many WSSL events are identical to Science Olympiad events and therefore have advice pages in the Olympiad section of the website.

Newton North Involvement

Newton North competed in WSSL for the first time in 2007 and placed first out of seventeen other teams.


The final standings for 2007 were:
1. Newton-North
2. Concord-Carlisle
3. Acton-Boxborough
4. Bedford
5. BU Academy
6. Newton-South
7. Belmont
8. Wellesley
9. Chelmsford
10. Weston
11. Westwood
12. Reading Memorial
13. Medfield
14. Lowell
15. Wayland
16. Burlington
17. Needham

WSSL Website

WSSL Website

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