Yongyi Zhao

Newton North High School Olympiad buildAheads Captain Yongyi Zhao

Hi my name is Yongyi Zhao, this year I am captain of Science Olympiad, buildAheads.

Science Olympiad is a team competition in which members score points by competing in events. There are two main types of competitions in Science Olympiad. One type of event is called studyAheads, in which members spend time before the competition studying for a written exam. The other type is Buildaheads; team members build a tool or machine that completes a specific function. Examples from past years are:

Gravity Vehicle: a vehicle, which can only move using gravity (falling), that must stop at a specific point and time
Sounds of Music: creating a unique instrument
Tower: a wood tower that can hold the maximum possible weight

In every event there are also other requirements, generally weight, material, and size. Members will spend most of the school year (until the competition in March) designing and building for their event. Although only two people present the final project on the day of the competition, there can be as many people as needed for designing and building; however, people generally focus on one event. Most of the designing and building take place during the weekend; although people sometimes work during the weekend.

This year buildAheads meetings (when we design and build) will take place at my house (57 Albert Road) and Newton North, supervised by Ms. Osipenko.

I look forward to a great year and hope you are interested in being involved with science team, whether in buildAheads or another competition!

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